We pray the reflections below will help you in finding renewed life.

Oramos las reflexiones a continuación le ayudarán en la búsqueda de una vida renovada.

The Rev. Joe Parrish
New York, NY
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Current Reflections

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Birthday wish

As a church we are being challenged to speak to others about our faith, to be bold, to be evangelists for Jesus.

Series: Proper 10 (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Proper 10, Year B

Passage: Mark 6 14-29

Language: English


John, Baptist, God, Jesus, Christ, Spirit, Bible, Old, Testament, Kingdom, invite, Jewish, Eucharist, sacrifice, animal, blood, wine, body, bread, baptize, instructed, study, evangelize


Believing Power, Healing Power

Healing may be required when societal expectations are hoisted onto a young person as they grow up, and the result can cause injury and dysfunction when they become adults. But healing from death is routine today, and many are kept on life-support systems for hours and then revived after surgery. The Age to Come has been inaugurated by Christ’s defeat of death.

Series: Proper 8 (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Proper 8, Year B, The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

Passage: Mark 5 21-43

Language: English


Adolescence, young, women, adults, death, healing, Age, routine, surgery, dysfunction, society, life support, lung, transplant, bulimia, hormones, doctors, Lazarus, faith, Jesus, Christ, God, Nicky, Gumbel, Alpha, bible, detention, resurrection, allergy, wheat, corn, food, peanuts, almonds, airlines, celiac, x-ray, MRI, parents, twelve, believing, healing, power



Troubles come. and troubles go. Trust the Lord and do good. Trust the Lord and do good.

Series: Proper 7 (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Proper 7, Year B, the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Passage: Mark 4 35-41

Language: English


Dalmatian, dog, children, sea, lake, storm, water, Lewis, fear, afraid, church, trust, faith, Jerusalem, Roman, Titus, siege, Mark, still, British, boatswain, whistle, ship, boat, disciples, asleep, Jesus, Christ, God, heavenly, peace, yellow, cab, Barclay, Josephus, hospital, leukemia, Pella, Schweitzer, doctor, sin, death, St. Augustine, Chernobyl, solar, Ukraine, ambassador, UN, radioactive, nuclear, plant, Rotary, groceries, murderer, mass, feeding, program, prayer, Eucharist

Look not down on the poor and lowly


Look not down on the poor and lowly

God doesn’t make big things happen all the time but sometimes only does very small things that become major. Sometimes if we can just cooperate with God’s will and God’s way we will see mighty miracles.

Series: Proper 6 (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Proper 6, Year B

Passage: Mark 4 26-34

Language: English

Processional, Kyrie, and Gloria from the Electrc Liturgy, St. Mark\'s Church in-the-Bowery (Episcopal), 1969


Seed, miracle, poor, alcohol, cigarette, German, coffee, taste, wife father, mother, mustard, encouragement, church, treatment, chronic, depression, anxiety, precursors, suicide, kingdom, believing, tasting, homicide, statistics, Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa, Calcutta, pennies, Rutgers, Mediterranean, Jewish, Peasant, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mark, Gospel, Jesus, Christ, God, parables, day


Let's Go Team

Jesus calls his followers his closest family members, but still never forsakes his mother to his dying breath. Our families may be those of our church, those who love and serve the Lord together with us. We can be a team for Christ.

Series: Proper 5, Year B

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Proper 5 (B)

Passage: Mark 3 20-35

Language: English


Tortoise, hippo, family, close, homeless, stress, blaspheme, Holy, Spirit, unclean, unforgiveable, sin, mother, brothers, Mary, Red, Cross, exercise, hurricane, earthquake, nuclear, New Jersey, Secaucus, New York, team, Thomas, Kempis, followers, gospel, Mark


Human versus divine law

Jesus challenges the power of the Pharisees in doing a miracle on the Sabbath, healing a man with a paralyzed hand. But the Sabbath law had been taken over by the Pharisees, and they used Jesus’ actions to begin their plot to remove him from any power he was gathering. How do we ‘keep the Sabbath holy’?

Series: Proper 4 (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Proper 4, Year B

Passage: Mark 2 23 - 3:6

Language: English


Jesus, Christ, God, healing, paralyzed, withered, man, hand, right, Luke, Mark, love, pharisees, sabbath, temple, Jerusalem, Babylonians, prophets, miracle, Sunday, liquor, store, malls, shopping, good, deeds, hospitalized, nursing, homes, shelter, Sunday, Psalm, 139, Roman, legions


God loves the world God created

Jesus comes to us in mysterious ways, sometimes we think we can approach him ‘at night’ without others realizing we are searching for faith. But Christ who is ever faithful will indeed be there for us, challenging us, comforting us, by the Holy Spirit, to realize how loved we are by the God who created all of us and the world.

Series: Trinity Sunday, Year B

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Trinity Sunday (B)

Passage: John 3 1-17

Language: English


Holy, Spirit, Son, Father, God, love, Trinity, Bishop, Becket, Pope, John, twenty-second, English, feast, baptism, secret, public, Messiaen, Revelation, quartet, Greeley, Long, Nicodemus, grave, empty, Bible, night, old, born, above, chemistry, London, Roman, Jesus, Christ, messiah


Love can overcome all

The Holy Spirit is a refining fire, testing what we do by God’s will and God’s ways, but allowing us to have free rule in our lives even to our own detriment. We can do miracles with the power of the Holy Spirit, but we can also do ourselves in if we are stubborn and refuse God’s guidance. With Jesus Christ’s physical presence now missing, we listen to his words of love and direction as given to us by God’s Holy Spirit.

Series: Pentecost (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: The Feast Day of Pentecost, Year B

Passage: John 15 26-27, 4b-15

Language: English


Refining, fire, promote, Holy, Spirit, God, Jesus, Christ, church, Old, Testament, New, Philippians, Leviticus, first, fruits, Jewish, law, grace, love, neighbor, Curry, Bishop, wedding, royal, sermon, homily, Advocate, Consoler, Acts, Peter, truth, Messianic, age, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, harvest, Pentecost, fifty, days, Counselor, Joel, Shavuot, Unleavened, Bread, Deuteronomy, Passover, \r\nFestival, Weeks, Christianity, Sinai, Exodus, Numbers, Jerusalem, temple, Easter, earth


God is our protector

Jesus’ high priestly prayer is prayed for the disciples and for us who follow after them. Jesus was concerned that we always be protected by God, even though the world will hate his followers. However, God be praised, that we will be kept safe for all of eternity regardless.

Series: 7 Easter (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Seventh Sunday of Easter (B)

Passage: John 17 6-19

Language: English


Jesus, Christ, disciples, hate, prayer, high, priestly, Sunday school, Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Ascension, Pentecost, tree, tomb, trumpet, mothers, children, safe, Hispanic, World Trade, perichoresis, resurrection


Love is our standard

Love is indeed a connection nurtured by God. When we love selflessly, Christ comes into the equation. Then miracles happen.

Series: 6 Easter (B)

Speaker: Rev. Joe Parrish

Topic: Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year B

Passage: John 15 9-17

Language: English


Love, agape, filial, friend, parent, child, grandparent, grandchildren, sibling, relative, selfless, commandment, Jesus, Christ, God, heavenly, father, Babe, Ruth, Yankees, Red, Sox, Boston, New York, relationships, Ohio, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Vinci, toys, forgive

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